BOI, Song of a Wanderer

BOI, Song of a Wanderer is a project by the Dutch filmmaker Anne Marie Borsboom that consists of a film, a photobook and an exhibition. BOI was originally aimed to be a film to relate the living conditions of individuals in countries where political and religious issues hamper everyday life. But BOI became the story of an inner struggle, a quest for who one really is. It is a unique document and impressive story about a ten-year period in the life of Nitzan Krimsky and his transition from girl to boi. BOI keeps track of Nitzan Krimsky’s life and body changes, following her through her journey all over the world.
The story is told through endless diaristic self-portraits. From being the girl with a moustache to floating in between identities, until the final step was taken. We are witnesses to this fascinating and haunting story of both victim and hero. The self-reflexive images, often provocative, narcissistic and obsessive, result from a constant and feverish investigation of identity and its representation. The book and the documentary are the result of an ongoing experiment with the capacities of the photographic medium to document, communicate, construct identity and above all as a means that allows for imagination and creating new realities.

The exhibition was designed by SYB.

BOI, Song of a Wonderer is part of Budapest Pride.
With special thanks to Foam.

All images by Barbara Nyíri © Magyar Fotográfusok Háza Nonprofit Kft 2022.